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Experiencing God's Security in a World Devours One Another.

About the Book

This is a revolutionary book about your design based on the simple idea that the only way for you to find perfect fulfillment is to let yourself grow down versus grow up.  Sounds off?  The truth is for every Christian, digressing is the key to progressing.  Some how we have grabbed a hold of the illusion we can steer our own ship toward spiritual enlightenment.  This has led people everywhere toward a complex, toxic and dangerous world of niceness through self-effort and self-protection.

As a tormented orphanage, our world is tearing at the seams, led by distrust, shame, anxiety and rage.  Throughout history, people have survived through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cannibalism.  In the middle of all this Christendom’s answers seem hollow. 


But there is a way forward.  Are We All Cannibals unlocks for readers an effortless pathway above the invisible cravings pressing in to consume us.  This pathway was modelled by the One who truly knew the secret to real living.  Jesus channeled a seamless security from heaven to earth which annihilated every form of cannibalism.  Thankfully our Savior became the doorway to His way of living.


Join David Braun as he shares his story of discovery.  Whether you are a young or old, employed or employer, married or single, leader or follower, this book is the compass for a new and revolutionary way of doing Christianity.

Join David Braun as he teaches you:

  • How to live in a supernatural calm above any storm life throws at you

  • How to satisfy the deeper cravings for fulfillment and meaning

  • How to unlock new joy and child-like adventure for your life

  • How to lose every anxiety caused by relational conflicts, other people’s agendas, weaknesses or vulnerabilities

  • How to find ultimate assurance in the middle of any crisis, need or challenge.


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My Books

My Story

    Whether speaking on a platform or writing his next book, David Braun encourages others to move forward in life defined by who God is and who He says they are.  David is an inspiring, sought-after communicator, speaking internationally at events and conferences.  He also provides leadership development for organizations and churches through his non-profit ministry, All Things New.


    Over the past 25 years, David has helped found a church, a leadership school, all the while training and teaching believers in their new identity.  When not co-ministering with his wife, Svea and four daughters, he enjoys sports and being in nature.

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""As I read through the pages of David’s book, I heard the whispers of Father God speaking revelation straight to my heart. I realized I didn’t have to scale any mountain to find God, He was right there with me...""

Joel Brandt, Business Owner, Sales Manager, Entrepreneur

In the press
Quotes from the Book

"Insecurity is like the flashing red light on the dashboard of our minds and hearts, alerting us that our primal needs are depleted and that we need our heavenly Father to fill our “tank.

"If you or I feel disjointed, disconnected, or disillusioned with Christianity or God’s Kingdom, maybe we just aren’t seeing God’s family from our Father’s reality."

"Nothing in this universe can perfectly anchor you, define you, and free you to be yourself outside of your perfect heavenly Dad.

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